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Eight Things You Need to Consider When Choosing The Right Construction Technology

Posted by Hana Block on May 28, 2020 2:53:23 PM

When you look at the construction industry, it’s clear to see the rising demand, labour shortages, depleted profit margins, and rising material costs. The industry also still struggles with the number of injuries that happen on job sites each year and considering all the above - the industry is almost begging for a tech disruption.

There are heaps of solutions in the market today that address all these concerns while also focusing on improving overall efficiency for companies. Although an industry that’s taken some time to adapt, companies that are implementing tech tools to their projects and processes have a clear competitive advantage over those who don’t.

So when looking into whether you want to add technology to your workflows, or trying to pick which ones are best for your company, start by asking yourself these eight things: 


      1.      1. What problem are you trying to solve

  1.           First and foremost work with your team and identify the challenges and goals of your business.            Focus on the areas of inefficiencies, and then start looking for the right tech after. 

  2.      2. Ease of Use 

  3.           Is the software easy to use and is your team able to quickly learn how to use the tools properly?            (This is important - because if the tech is too hard to implement or your team doesn’t like using              it, they won't.)

              *Also important to note - involve your team with this decision as they will be the main users of               what you choose to implement. Make sure their feedback is listened to carefully.

  4.      3. Cost

  5.           How much does it cost? Is there an annual subscription fee or a one-time upfront fee?

  6.      4. Features

  7.           What features are available? Does it meet your current and future business needs?

  8.      5. Customer Support

  9.           Does the provider offer a dedicated customer support or account manager? Is training provided            to help get the tools up and running?

  10.      6. Mobility

  11.           Is there a mobile app for field work? Is the data update in real time? (this improves collaboration            between the field and office)

  12.      7. Security

  13.            Is your data and information protected?


  1.      8. Updates 

  2.           How often does the provider add features and make improvements to the software?

Taking your time to find the right construction tech for your business is key. There are huge associations if you rush through the research and testing stage and choosing the wrong products can not only be costly, but more importantly will frustrate your staff. 



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