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Project management app on your iPhone Project management app on your iPhone

Complete visiblity of every trade on site

Track every material from manufacture to installation and quality assurance. Perfect for overseas procurement.

Live Updated Records

For every delivery and material needed for the project.

Interactive Floorplans

Explore project progress, highlight and view material information directly in the viewer.

Detailed Analytics

For easier project management, future planning and budget management.

Strong Support

We provide complete on-site training and support to ensure your projects runs smoothly.

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We're here to save you time and money at every stage of the project.

    • For Project Management

    • Key Benefits and Savings

      • Less time spent getting progress updates
      • Instantly view today's deliveries and recent updates
      • Notifications when milestones are achieved
      • Less time spent scheduling deliveries
      • Less phone calls, emails and meetings
      • Organise overseas procurement
      • Identify defects and missing materials across whole project
      • Manage claims and invoices with interactive floorplans
      • Faster project completion from productivity gains
    • For Contractors

    • Key Benefits and Savings

      • Less time searching for materials
      • Instantly access all floorplans from your phone
      • Notifications when deliveries arrive
      • Instantly identify what's missing, defective, or ready to be installed
      • Less phone calls, emails and meetings
      • Submit requests for manufacturers and installers
      • View and tick off all reported defects
      • Create invoices with interactive floorplans
      • Faster installation rate from productivity gains

"Matrak is simple, practical and easy to use. Great for suppliers & tradies."

Shak Yusup - Procurement Manager
Buildcorp Commercial

"Matrak enabled us to streamline our project tracking and material ordering. A very useful tool with plenty of support from their team."

Aaron Matthews - Project Manager
CSR Viridian

"For ease of tracking our materials and equipment, Matrak is second to none."

Graeme Anderson - Director
Masterlite Installations

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